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The ISS - Home Inspector Training Program is based on a combination of practical experience and knowledge shared by three veteran home inspection professionals. The course instructors have been instrumental in providing ongoing college level training and mentoring for those looking at entering the home inspection field. Their training experience spans well over 10 years, and with one instructor previously employed for over 25 years as a college professor in the School of Engineering Technologies and Architecture Program Coordinator. The courses have been "officially" approved for delivery in both Ontario and BC. 
The courses in the program are established college level courses that have been mapped to the National Occupational Standards for Home Inspectors in Canada. The courses have been modularized into weekly units of study that will help you acquire both the general and technical knowledge to perform this vital service to consumers for a home inspection. Each course syllabus provides the participant with a schedule of studies. 
The program is offered mainly on a “web-based platform” and provides both an introductory overview of the home inspection field (ISS100) as well as a greater depth of detailed study in the more advanced courses that focus on the major systems of residential construction. In addition to the accessing the courses online, participants will be required to spend approximately 3 to 4 hours or possibly more per week in “mandatory” interactive sessions offering “direct instruction” with the course instructor via pre-arranged Skype based webinars. 
Courses in the ISS – Home Inspector Training Program 
The following courses are offered: Direct Instruction noted (*# #) 
• ISS100 – Intro to Home Inspections – 40 hours (*15) 
• ISS101 – Plumbing – 80 hours (*28) 
• ISS102 – Electrical – 80 Hours (*28) 
• ISS103 – HVAC – 80 hours (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) (*28) 
• ISS104 – Structures – 80 Hours (Canadian Wood Frame House Construction) (*28) 
• ISS105 – Building Science – 80 Hours (Dynamics of the Building Envelope) (*28) 
• ISS106 – Reporting & Ethics – 40 hours (*15) 
The total training hours equates to 480 hours of which *170 hours are dedicated and delivered through Skype webinar setting. Courses begin the first full week of January, April, July and October. (4 semesters)

Available courses

Home Inspections began in the early 1970's as a consumer service in direct response to the growing demand for learning about the condition of a house prior to purchase. This course is an introduction to how the Home Inspection field is organized, the different areas of expertise required to conduct a successful Home Inspection, including plumbing, electrical and heating systems, residential construction, inspection techniques, report writing and the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

An introduction to residential plumbing systems, including common terms and definitions, residential materials, material evolution, plumbing fixtures, faucets, hot water tanks, water distribution systems, drain waste and vent systems, septic tank systems, water wells and water well pumps. The advantages, disadvantages and common failures of the above shall be examined. Key inspection points are included.

Pre-requisite: ISS100- Intro to Home Inspection


This course provides an overview of electrical terms, materials and systems as they apply to residential dwellings. Emphasis will be placed on the identification of proper installation techniques, including the application of the appropriate code. Identifying incorrect installations, significant defects and making recommendations to resolve the problem (s) is included.

Pre-requisite: ISS100- Introduction to Home Inspection

The course focuses on mechanical equipment. It provides current information on gas, oil, electric heat systems, including wood burning appliances. It also discusses both space and hot water heat for residential applications. The content also includes cooling and ventilation and air filtration systems as well as wood burning appliances.

Pre-requisite: ISS100- Intro to Home Inspection

This course provides practical construction theory and building science to residential homes. You will learn common terminology and definitions, residential materials and become more familiar with wood frame construction involving foundations, platform/balloon framing, post and beam construction and rafter truss systems. It Includes a focus on defects recognition for Canadian Wood-frame structures, including floor, wall and roof and finish systems.

The required understanding of sizing charts and residential construction procedures as well as key inspection points will be covered. Hands on practice to produce a technical building report based on the Canadian Wood Frame House Construction manual along with on-site reviews will be co-ordinated with this course.

Pre-requisite: ISS100- Intro to Home Inspection

This course provides practical theory and building science related to the Building Envelope for residential homes. Building science is the collection of scientific knowledge that focuses on the analysis and control of the physical phenomena affecting buildings. It traditionally includes the detailed analysis of building materials and building envelope systems. The course content includes defect recognition for the foundation, walls, openings and roofs and the approach of a house as a system.

Pre-requisite: ISS100- Intro to Home Inspection

This course is the study of legal and ethical issues affecting the Home Inspector and the Home Inspection Industry. Home Inspectors develop relationships with many of the parties directly and indirectly involved in a real estate transaction. It is the responsibility of the Home Inspector that these relationships are governed by strong ethical and legal guidelines. To truly become a successful Home Inspector today it is vitally important that the inspector's ethics be unquestionable.

The course is divided into three major sections as follows: Legal Issues, Ethics and Report Writing

Pre-requisite: ISS100- Intro to Home Inspection

BC & ON Approved

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